Vehicle Tracker NI

How It Works

Fleet Manager App

Highly accurate GPS reading providing mileage, last active date and vehicle status.

Detailed TrakM8 View

Multiple vehicles can be viewed in one screen and each can be selected for more updates on the individual tracker.

TrakM8 Overview

Add, edit and remove vehicles in the Fleet Manager app to suit vehicles that join your fleet or are no longer in use.

How to image

View location, fuel, mileage, service information, driver rating and most recent journey information.

TrakM8 details
TrakM8 Details

The self install tracker is a great product at a fantastic price, couldn’t recommend it more. 


Mark has excellent knowledge and experience with vehicle camera systems. Mark had a look at our fleet of vans and recommended a system that would be perfect for us, both operationally and financially. Installation was fast and efficient with a simple to use end product.

Jordan Scruttons NI

Great service. Any problems were quickly cleared up and rectified. Flexible to work in with times that suit the customer. Support always readily available.

Paul R